Yayla Ucgen Yufka-Pastry Leaves Handmade 2x360gr

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Item weight 360 Grams
Brand Yayla
Allergen information Contains: Wheat

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Product description

Yufka (or more popularly known as Filo pastry) is thinly hand-stretched layers of dough popular in Mediterranean cuisines, origination from the Ottoman cuisine. Filo is the Greek name, meaning leaves. Filo pastry is used in a variety of pastry dishes, across cuisines. Turkish cuisines’ most popular dishes made with filo pastry are undoubtedly; Baklava, börek, gözleme and paçanga. If you’re trying your hand at making some homemade baklava or börek, our range of Yayla brand yufka is ideal as it comes in three different cuts. Long, square (saç), and triangular shapes.


WHEAT FLOUR, water, sunflower oil, cornstarch, salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, preservative (E202), dough conditioner (WHEAT FLOUR, emulsifier (E322), flour treatment agent (E920), enzyme), acidity regulator (E262i)

  • pastry
  • pastryleaves
  • yufka
  • ucgenyufka
  • borek

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