Gabardin Stylish High Quality Multi Coloured Shaped&Patterned Living Room Saloon Rugs-Carpets

Size: 80 cm x 150 cm
Style: GREY / BEIGE 11887
Sale price£19.99


Gabardin: This Rug” is well-deserving of all of its accolades and popularity!
it is unique, goes-with-anything design captures the unique spirit, but is also discreet enough to blend in with the furniture, making it a smart, great-looking addition to your home.

• Construction Type: Machine Made Machine Woven, Power Loom
• Material Composition: Gabardin: 100% Polyproplene
• Pattern: Chess Design, Geometric Design, Oriental Vintage Look Design, Plain Design
• Care Instructions: Light Vacuum Only, Keep Away from Sharp Objects, Hot Surfaces
• Warranty Type : 14 Days after Delivery Free Exchange
• Is Stain Resistant: Yes, It is stain Resistant.

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