Bioblas For Oily Hair Shampoo 360ml

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Healthy hair from root to tip with antioxidant effect. Sebum balance with Vitamin B3.PROCYANIDIN is a strong antioxidant coming form the grape seeds. Due to thisproperty it protects the hair and the scalp, supports the healthy and stronger hair.The special formula with Niacinamide helps to balance the sebum andprevents excess oiliness. It is dermatologically tested that the pH value is compatible with the scalp. The patented herbal complex B19 developed by Bioblas has been clinically tested to be effective against hair loss and nourish the hair. PARABEN - PTHALATES FREE

Hair type Oily, Normal
Scent Grape
Age range (description) Adult
Special feature Damaged

About this item

  • Bioblas
  • Shampoo
  • Procyanidin
  • Oily Hair

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